Spot, The Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Is On Sale


The Spot robot, the Boston Dynamics’ intelligent dog-like robot is finally on sale officially. And as the robotics company publicly displays its first commercial product, it also offered yet another remarkable look at the humanoid Atlas’ growing store of skills, this time showing its unbelievable gymnastic capabilities.

To officially reveal the commercial inauguration of Spot, Boston Dynamics has made an extraordinary ad emphasizing all the robot’s technical specifications. The present commercial duplication of Spot can run for 90 minutes off a single (swappable) battery charge, can move up to 14 kg (30 lb), function in temperatures ranging from -20° C to 45° C (-4° F to 113° F), and is constructed to endure wet and dusty environments.

Spot Launch

All these comparatively developed features quite reasonably prompt us to the question of what commercial applications Spot could be essentially used for. Boston Dynamics has been coordinating for some time with early-adopting companies to discover potential industrial applications but practical uses do still seem fairly unclear.

Spot Launch Video on Youtube

“Early customers are already experimenting Spot to watch construction sites, provide distant inspection at oil, gas and power installations, and in community safety,” Boston Dynamics says.

It is also reported that Spot is being explored by Cirque du Soleil for likely entertainment results, and some police departments are searching whether the robot could be adjusted for bomb disposal purposes. It is all very tentative at this point, however, those interested in buying a Spot can now contact a committed sales department to search the possibility. Obviously, no price tag has been publicly attached, so it definitely feels like a case of, if you need to ask how much it is then you can’t afford it.

How ‘Spot’ Works by Adam Savage

More Parkour Atlas

Along with the Spot sales announcement, Boston Dynamics also publicized another in its long line of extraordinary Atlas robot videos. Atlas is the company’s humanoid robot, and in the past, we have seen it speedily advance from being first permitted to roam tetherless in 2015, to finishing a spectacular parkour routine just three years later.

Till now, in what is definitely the robot’s most remarkable video to date, we see Atlas carry out a complex gymnastic routine representing fantastic balance. The dynamically swift elasticity of Atlas in this new video is simply outstanding with flawlessly, fluid-like smooth motions.

Atlas, by Boston Dynamics

Atlas is still basically a research robot with no plan if it will be available commercially in the future. However, it is worth remembering how far Boston Dynamics has reached in such a short time, with its robots insecurely trying to just walk only a few years before.

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